Master Images

Your Master Image is the digital file that represents every print that you make. This is your original, your negative, whether it’s digital or analog. Use the PhotoWorkflo for Adobe Lightroom Classic Plugin or upload your Master images to PhotoWorkflo using our online web tool. This feature provides an additional cloud backup of your most important images, and contains the keywords necessary to allow your work to be discovered on your public PhotoWorkflo portfolio page.
beer bottles, railroad trestle, miss Imperial, picnic, pistachio, fire hydrant, cow, yellowstone lake


Collections is a tool to organize your images into groups that make sense to you. For instance, you can organize your images into a group that represents a project or body of work. Gather together the images that you will submit to a particular Activity so you can apply to a show. Maybe you just need a collection of your images of kittens? Organize to your heart’s content with the Collections tool. See your print inventory grouped by Collection and create Inventory sheets.


Upload your most important documents like your artist statement, CV and biography. Any documentation that is an important component to an activity can be saved in PhotoWorkflo and associated with an event. For example, gallery floorplans, exhibition press or consignment sheets for a show. Now it is all in one place, and easily accessible by smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Print Status/Location

Connect single prints, editions or both to your Master Images. At a glance, you’ll know print availability, sale status, location and print condition.

Paper/Printing Details

Paper surface and type as well as any darkroom or digital printing notes that apply to your process can be recorded right on the print record.

Framing Information

Record the framing status of each print including the type of frame, mat and window sizing.

Artist Public Profile Page

Create your own Public-facing profile page that contains the projects and images you want to promote. The keywords you uploaded with your Master Images will help curators and collectors search PhotoWorkflo and find your work. Share your contact information and social media links to generate followers.