The PhotoWorkflo beta release is now available for photographers to sign-up and try for free! Our first demo of the product took place this weekend in Albuquerque, NM at the West/Southwest chapter meeting of SPE, the Society for Photographic Education. During the lecture we introduced the product features, talked about features coming soon and even discussed some of the business problems PhotoWorkflo is designed to solve. During the demo, users signed up for free accounts, set up the Lightroom plugin and easily uploaded images into their new accounts.
It was a great weekend in Albuquerque getting to know new SPE members and catch up with friends. Most important was the opportunity to hear stories from photographers about the challenges they face with organizing the business side of being a photographer. When photographers tell us that what we have created is intuitive, easy to use and solves some of their biggest problems, it is so gratifying to hear and a reminder of the primary mission of the application: to help photographers streamline their business workflow so they can focus on making great pictures.
Also, we got to take a ride in a hot air balloon this weekend too. Let’s call it perspective. Do you think the IRS will let us write that off?