Good Intentions

Starting a 30-day trial of PhotoWorkflo is pretty simple. In fact, we’ve made it so easy for new customers to check out the application you don’t even need a credit card! Actually creating a new habit is a little bit more difficult; establishing a new workflow is the hard part. In your lifetime you have probably read lots of advice about losing weight, quitting smoking, starting exercise, or lifting weights. New habits are challenging and adding a new software application to your existing art practice is too.

An Embarrassing Anecdote

I’d like to tell you a personal story. The other day, I was asked to send five JPG images of my work for a lecture I was participating in along with a copy of my biography. I automatically started digging around in a folder on my hard drive finding images to send to the venue. Then I realized… I should create an activity in PhotoWorkflo to track this event. The photos and my biography are already in PhotoWorkflo plus, it’s easy to choose images and create a zip file. Now, not only did I get the pictures I needed for the venue, but I also recorded the lecture in which I participated. This is precisely the kind of event that would slip through the cracks of my CV because I didn’t have a good way to record it. I’ve been responding to artwork requests in the same convoluted way for so long, I almost forgot that now I have a better way. I AM THE FOUNDER OF THE COMPANY!

So, give yourself a break. My advice to new customers is, tackle it a little bit at a time. Starting TODAY. Take 30 days and commit to trying something new. I wrote a previous post about loading the application with your entire career all at once. Let’s be honest, many of us don’t have enough time to devote to doing that. So, I advise that new customers begin just by creating records for what you are working on, currently. Each time that you use PhotoWorkflo to manage your business effectively, you will see an immediate benefit: your productivity will increase, you will save time, and you will be more likely to start incorporating PhotoWorkflo into your routine. What will you do with the time? Make more pictures? Go to the gym? Maybe both.
Check out our approximately 1 minute Quickstart video. Upload some images, create an Activity for an upcoming call for entry or exhibition, and start keeping track of your submissions. We are here to show you how easy it is to start TODAY!