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Ink and Paper for Photographic Prints
July 15, 2019

PhotoWorkflo previously published two blog posts in this series. The first article explains how to protect your photographic prints from environmental…

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Paper Selection for Print Permanence
July 2, 2019

In our first post in the series, we talked about ways to protect your photographic prints from the effects of environmental…

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Protecting Photographic Prints
June 26, 2019

As a photographer wanting to sell their work to collectors, or show their work in galleries, making (lasting) prints is a…

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PhotoWorkflo Career Test Drive
April 11, 2019

PhotoWorkflo Beta Release is here! Take it for a test drive and send us your feedback.

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PhotoWorkflo Beta Release Is Here!
November 7, 2018

The PhotoWorkflo beta release is now available for photographers to sign-up and try for free! Our first demo of the product…

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Editions and Ethics: Eggleston Controversy
October 6, 2018

Editions Revisted In my previous post, I outlined the different ways to edition your work as a photographer. There are several…

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Best Practices for Photographic Editions
July 29, 2018

As a photographic artist, how do you handle print editions? There are a few options available for creating editions of your…

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