Blockchain Reading List

Below is a reading list for attendees of my talks about blockchain and why this technology is important for photographers and artists to watch. I hope you will be excited to follow up and read more about these exciting applications.

Education, blockchain basics and real-world applications of this technology.

District0x Education Portal – Understanding the blockchain

Understanding the 3 different types of blockchain
Walmart and the IBM Foodtrust

Blockchain and its applications for photography and the art world

Christie’s first blockchain auction
Verisart – digital certificates of authenticity for physical and digital works
Photochain – stock photography marketplace
Pixsy – image copyright registration, license tracking, online monitoring, post-licensing platform
KodakOne – post-licensing platform
B&H Photography Podcast, KodakOne and Blockchain for Photographers (older but super interesting)
IP Stock – image platform connects to multiple international stock agencies
“Why the IP Stock interface is really cool”
Artory – Builds a historical record of the transactions related to physical works of art. Manages the Christie’s auction house blockchain
Fresco FRES Editions – fractional ownership in multiple editions
Maecenas – blockchain-driven fractional ownership of artwork serving markets for galleries/museums, art investors and collectors.